Yummy Appetizer
December 22, 2009
spanked over the knee
December 24, 2009


He was so surprised when mommy came home from shopping….had found a new bed for him to sleep in at night…at first he was shocked since he was so use to sleeping with mommy in her bed…but big boys need to try to sleep in their own beds….told him for naps he would need to sleep in his own bed but he still did not like…tried everything to please little one but all he did was make mommy upset…don’t you be a bad little one…mommy will need to make that call to Santa and take you off the good list….now be a big boy and do as mommy says or else…..mommy let him pick out his special blanket to make him more at ease….mommy then read him a story and gave him his special bottle for his first nap in his big boys bed…..mommy is so proud of her little one….Rachel


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