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November 4, 2013
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November 8, 2013

spanking adult babies

ABy Joey is a special little guy. See, he’s usually very sweet and well behaved, but every once in a while he’ll throw a temper tantrum. He knows he’s not supposed and that he’ll get in trouble, but sometimes he just really loses his temper. Now, Joey knows that the quickest way to a spanking is to misbehave when we’re out in public. He knows that I’ll spank him wherever we are, right in front of everybody. But of course, being that he’s an ABy, it’s just bound to happen now and again.

Just the other day I took Joey to the grocery store with me to pick up a few things for his mommy and daddy. I told Joey very clearly that I would get him one treat while we were there and only one. Well of course, we get to the checkout line and Joey wants a lollipop AND an ice cream bar. As soon as I told him he better pick one quick, or he’d get nothing, little Joey went in to a full on tantrum, he threw both treats on the floor and collapsed on his diapered bottom, kicking his feet and screaming, Big fat tears rolling down his cheeks. I picked him up, kicking and screaming and walked over to the bench nearby. By this point the entire grocery store was at full attention. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down around his ankles and yanked him over my knee, I pulled his diaper down just below his bottom. Holding him down with one arm, I spanked him, firmly. All the patrons in the grocery store seemed to be watching as I disciplined my naughty little ABy. By the end of it all, a little crowd had formed around us. Watching as Joey’s bottom turned a bright red. I finished the spanking and pulled his diaper back up, along with his pants. The stunned crowd slowly broke up.

I know Joey will be on his best behavior at least for a little while now, but It won’t be long until my little ABy needs disciplining… and I gotta say, I can’t wait, hehehe!

xoxo Sitter Samantha

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