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June 17, 2013
little sissy slut face
June 19, 2013
You just had to have it

You just had to have it

Mommy Maggie was telling me all about how she wanted to send you to Summer Camp, so when I was shopping the other day and saw this sweater I just knew it would be perfect for a sissy like you! Even though it’s summer time, the nights do get chilly sometimes, so this little sweater with the peenie on it will be just the thing to keep the chill away. And, it will announce to everyone how much your little sissy self adores penis!

I can’t wait to see how adorable you look in this! I bought you some matching hair ribbons that have little pink and purple peenies on them too. You’ll be such a darling little sissy when Mommy drops you off at Camp.

Nanny can’t wait to show you some new games before you go. Your camp counselor will be so impressed with all the little tricks I’ve taught you.

Nanny Ella

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