Bathtime! Time to get dirty!
July 11, 2011
County Nursery
July 16, 2011

There are many things Southern women are known for. One of those things is something my Momma taught me and that is to always look your best. You won’t catch this Southern Mommy out in her pajamas or with her hair a mess (that’s why they invented ponytails and buns right?). So whenever I take my little ladies out shopping mommy’s sissies will look their best too. I keep my sissies dressed in the cutest dresses and jumpers and I always fix their hair up too. Don’t you want to be an adorable sissy baby for Mommy? I sure hope so, if not Mommy will have to teach you just what my Momma taught me but there might be some tanned hides if you fuss too much.

ABDL Mommy Liz – sissy baby roleplay

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