A Sissy Tea party
January 15, 2009
Hide-n-go Seek
January 18, 2009

Sissy Maid Uniform

I just love this sissy maid uniform. It is a frilly Sissy Maid Uniform in Duchess satin with a high shine satin print apron and lots of lovely lace! *giggles* The dress has a high neck with locking rings to the back of the collar so only I can let you out when you’ve finished your work! *grins* I can not now wait to dress sissy up in this uniform and have sissy on hands and knees scrubbing my floor. *giggles* For my diaper sissies a nice thick diaper would look super awesome under this little maid outfit. *grins*

Dommy Mommy Lexus

Dommy Mommy Lexus

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