What’s Your Heaven?
June 17, 2011
Little Winky
June 19, 2011


Bet you thought I wasn’t going to find out, didn’t you?  That you secretly like to parade about in your thick fluffy diapers when I’m away. Such a bad aby, hiding the fact that you are an adult baby!  Oh, but don’t you worry your pretty like head over it sweetie pie, mommy is going to rectify this little over site of yours.  In fact, I am going to do you one better – I’ve decided that being a big abie wasn’t embracing your true inner self.  I’ve decided that what you truly are, is a big sissy baby that needs to be adorned in pink satin and lace with all the trimmings.


Now I have gone through a lot of effort to make your special day absolutely perfect – after all, it isn’t everyday that a mommy gets to indoctrinate her closet diaper lover into the wonderful world of sissy-hood!  I can’t wait to see your face as I take you by the hand and show you your brand new nursery and your very first sissy dress!!


Aren’t you going to be the prettiest little sissy on the block!



Mommy Maggie


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