Sissy boy stay out of my pantie drawer!
September 2, 2013
Fully Fledged Sissy
September 6, 2013

sissy slut

At home my little sissy got the full beauty treatment. She soaked in a warm bubble bath where Mommy helped her shave and scrub every inch of her. Out of the tub I dried her in a big fluffy towel, then massaged thick lotion all over her. With her skin all soft and creamy, I slid her new panties on her and put one of her cute little lacy training bras on her. Next I put a silky pair of nylons on her and got my sissy into her dress.

I sat her down at Mommy’s vanity and started her makeup. Pressed powder, rosey pink blush, coral lips, sparkling eye shadow, and thick false eyelashes with a coat of mascara. Once her blonde wavy hair was in place she was perfect. My perfect sweet and sexy sissy, ready for her special night with a very special guest hehe.

She slid her feet into her white satin pumps and made her way downstairs to await her visitor…

Mommy Liz

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