June 25, 2013
naughtyab punishments
June 26, 2013

mommy scarlet gives sissies a helping hand

I simply love it when sissies come to me, all shy like, asking for my help.  You see, they really want to make Daddy happy, and they know that Mommy knows all those little tricks that will make their Daddy happy and content.  First I help them find the perfect little sissy outfit: from that frilly sissy dress and matching rhumba panties with just the right petticoat, to deciding between anklet socks and tights with ruffles on their little tushie.


After we pick out the perfect little sissy outfit, it’s on to hair and makeup.  A big satin ribbon in their hair is always crowd pleaser, as well as shimmering banana curls.  Makeup should be minimalistic in appearance, using a palette of pinks and roses.  Let’s not forget the nails – sissies should always be well manicured, as well as pedicured. 


Then it’s all about their mannerisms: how to be coy and demur for their Daddy; how to sashay and twirl and curtsey for him, letting him take in every inch of his sweet sissy that is so eager to please. And of course, how to look at their Daddy as if he is the only person in the world.


Once we’ve put all these things together, we go and show Daddy how adorable they look.  Naturally Daddy is pleased at all the effort his sissy has made to make him happy.  I then help teach them about Daddy’s body – how to touch him the way daddy likes, how to make Daddy feel so very good.


Do you want Mommy to take your hand and teach you? I do hope so.  Give me a call and we’ll look and see what pretty things Mommy can put your into.


Mommy Scarlet


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