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November 15, 2012
Lactation fetish~ At Mommy's breast
November 18, 2012
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sissy boys bow before your mistress

The Mistress of supreme femdom power commands all sissy boys have to bow before her.

One such sissy boy tried to defy me and

he got his ass handled very quickly

I laid him out and flogged his

ass till he begged me to stop and he would never misbehave again.

silly little sissy boy, you can not help but tremble in the awe of my domination.

Heed my rules without question and you will be much happier.

You are no longer given permission to make eye contact so be aware that I will keep you on a leash at 

my feet in a pink lacy dress and diaper.  It is better you do not confuse how important you are in that uniform 

thinking you have the right to be important here as you do not,your pathetic & that is all you are capable of being!

kneel and take your punishment like a good sissy now.

Vicious Mistress Veronika




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