Sissy Makeover with Lacy
October 27, 2013
messy adult baby
October 28, 2013

Sissy boi dressup mommy gina

So, are we all ready for Halloween?  I think taking my little sissy out costume shopping is almost as fun as the day itself. Taking my meek and submissive sissy boi by the hand to the costume shop, walking up to the sales clerk and explaining how I am looking for a special outfit that will showcase my sissy’s….unique attributes;  perusing all the different choices, each being more prissy and frilly then the last. 


And then there is the process of trying them all on, hehehe.  To see my sissy so reluctantly coming out of the dressing room over and over and over again with yet another frilly costume on just makes be giggle and grin from ear to ear. I love making her twirl for not only the sales clerk and myself, but for the growing number of mommies gathering outside the dressing rooms.


This year we decided on a little fairy costume – isn’t it the cutest thing?  I think she is going to be the best dressed this year don’t you? Can’t wait to take her trick or treating, going from door to door, letting everyone see what a pretty little fairy I have, hehe!! 


Happy Halloween everyone!



Mommy Gina


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