Pretty Sissy
March 15, 2013
Mean Mommy
March 17, 2013

Obviously I’m the cutest Princess in the whole world, from my pretty silky hair, all the way down to my adorable little toes! So of course my sweet lil toes need to be worshipped just like the rest of me. That means that today we get to play a special game while I babysit you… its called Princess Pedicure Time!!

I get to sit back and get nice a cozy while you get to work on my tootsies. Soak them in a warm bubble bath, but it better not be too hot! Make sure you do a good job rubbing and massaging my feet while you work away, little dummy. Now once they’re perfectly soaked, use a soft fuzzy towel, then get to work painting my toenails with my favorite pink nail polish. You better be careful babie! ‘Cause if you spill even a little drop of my nail polish, you’re gonna regret it for a long time!

Hurry up and get started ABy… this little Princess needs her adorable little toes worshipped and pampered!




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