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MILF Mommy Phone Sex
July 5, 2016
Pretty in Pink for Graduation
August 16, 2016

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Where’s my little poopy pamper boy today? I need my little pamper boy with me for some abdl phone sex, Whichever one you are, may it be an adult baby or even a diaper lover just know that you are always safe with your Mommy! Mommy will take care of you 24/7 and always makes sure all of baby’s needs are met. Does baby like getting naughty with his mommy? Mommy starts to grind up against you pinning you to the floor so Mommy can take control. You better be a good poopy pamper boy for me today, laying back and doing exactly as your Mommy instructs you to do. That’s true dedication and love. if I’ve ever seen it before. Maybe Mommy should get you excited more often so you can play inside your diaper for Mommy for some adult baby phone sex.



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