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February 5, 2009
Diaper Lovers
February 5, 2009

Mommy Lauren’s Specialties:
Pampering – ABDL – Cloth Diapers – Nursing – Coddling

Good morning my precious little darlings I have been oh so busy working on my new playroom. Mommy Lauren has lot’s and lot’s of special suprises for you and I cant wait to play! Why dont you come sit on my lap with a soft, warm blankie and take your milk that you love so much? I’m always ready to feed my darling angels it makes me so happy to see my milk dribble down your cute little chin! *giggle You know what comes next dont you? You got it…a diapey change and I have a brand new changing table all set up with diapers, powder, wipes and yes even Mommy’s hand made soap! Don’t you make Mommy wait…call me now for a fun & happy time! Yeah abies!

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