Hey Little Willy!
November 26, 2010
Naughty Ones Get Spankings
November 27, 2010


I always get a devilish little smirk on my face when you tell me your friends are coming over to play video games or what have you. You think I’m oblivious to their looks, their stares. On the contrary, every move I make is deliberate, calculated. The way I saunter past the t.v., swaying my hips from side to side in my tight little shorts. The way my hand lingers on one of their arms, slowly drifting down and across their hand. The way I bend at the waist when I’m putting down a tray of cookies and milk for them, allowing them an unobstructed view of my perky breasts. And then there it is – the desired result – the straining of their swollen appendage against their shorts! I never get tired of seeing that *giggle*. I wonder if they know what to do with their newly acquired condition. How to touch it, to stroke it, to relieve their built up tension, the way I have shown you, taught you, guided you. Perhaps one of these days I will turn one of your little “play dates” into a true ‘play date’ that your friends will not soon forget *wink*.

Mommy Gina


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