Sissy baby play time
January 2, 2008
abdl discipline
January 3, 2008
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Even though I wear disposables, I love plastic panties. I went a little wild and bought a bunch of plastic panties recently. I showed some of them to a friend who shares my plastic fetish. So for christmas, he went online and ordered me a purple plastic dress and a romper. They were a little late. They just got here a few days ago, but I couldn’t wait to try them on. And I absolutely love them. I love how they look and feel. They fit perfectly. One of the things I love best is how they smell. I love the smell of new plastic. And it feels so good to put them on. I haven’t tried the romper with my diapers yet. I think I am gonna do that tonight. It’s gonna be so cute.

Mommy Josie

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