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One Day At School

My job as teacher allows to me experience some very
interesting things that most other people only get to
hear about. I can’t begin to tell you the feeling of
satisfaction I get from helping budding young men to
learn about the opposite sex. Many times they are
simply too shy or unsure of themselves to act out on
the desires they have, so in addition to the normal
public school studies I will often help them in their
quest for manhood.

One such event happened not very long ago. It was
so hot, I keep myself up at night thinking about it
even now. One of my students, a bright young lad I’ll
call David, had been particularly disruptive all day.
He kept passing notes and jibber jabbering, and when I
intercepted one of the notes, it had a crude drawing of me with
titties that were way bigger than I would ever want.
Plus I noticed that when I was at my desk he kept
dropping his pencil ‘accidentally’ so he
over and look up my skirt (I’m sure I didn’t help the
situation- I wasn’t wearing panties and I kept my
knees open just to torture him). Finally, when he
placed a tack on my chair while I was at the
chalkboard, my tolerance for his antics was at it’s limit.
“Detention for you, younng man! One hour after class so you will learn to
be a good boy.” He expressed disdain, but the look in
his eye told me he was actually a bit excited by this.

At the end of the day, I told him to remain at
his desk with his hands folded until the entire class
had exited. When the last student filed out, I pulled
down the shades on the windows, and locked the door. I
could hear him gulp slightly, and by looking at him I
could tell he wasn’t sure what to expect. I placed a
chair in the front of the classroom where I normally give my
lectures and sat in it. “David, come here now.” I said
in a stern but calm voice. He walked up
and stood
front of me. “Why do you try to disrupt me when I do
my job? Do you think it makes you look cute? It
doesn’t! It makes you look like a pathetic little boy
who has the hots for teacher but isn’t brave enough to
say anything. Is this true? Are you really too much of
a baby to tell me how you feel?”

David said nothing, but as I looked him up and down, I
could tell from the bulge in his pants how he was
feeling. “How dare you point that little thing at
me,” I said. “I’m going to teach you some respect
boy! Pull down your pants and come over my knee so I
can spank your baby ass!” “But Ms. Rebecca,” he said
“I don’t want to. I’m too embarrassed” “NOW, and you will
address me as Mommy” I said, and with that the naughty baby did as he was told.
He bent over my knee, his naked butt up in the air with
his little balls sticking out from behind. “This is
what happens to babies who draw nasty pictures
teacher!” WHAP! I
smacked him very hard right on his
ass. He let out a grunt and slightly ground his crotch
onto my leg. “And THIS is what happens to dirty little
boys who try to look up teacher’s skirt!” WHAP! WHAP!
The spanks were firm and deliberate, making his butt cheeks very red
and slightly swollen. If the first time he wiggled was
out of pleasure, by now he was definatley feeling
pain. “And THIS is what happens to naughty little
sissy boys who try to embarrass teacher by putting
tacks in chairs!” WHAP! WHAP!WHAP! WHAP! David writhed in my lap,
whimpered and whined, “please stop Mommy!”
“SHUT UP!” I told him.

“Now stand up and show me what a big boy you are.”
He stood in front of me, runny-nosed and tear stained face,
the brilliant red cheeks of his bum still hanging out and
his pants down by his ankles. “Now why don’t you tell me
why you kept peeking under my desk you dirty little boy.”
He got a
little embarrassed but
finally blustered out,
“Because I wanted to see your private parts.” Why,” I asked.
“Haven’t you seen a woman naked before?” “N…no ma’am…er…Mommy,”
he stammered, trembling hands covering an erection that looked ready to
explode with just the thought of seeing his teacher Mommy undressed.
I instructed him to sit down. When he had done so I
stood over him, put my foot up on my desk next to
where the chair was, and pulled up my skirt so that my
naked pussy was about 3 inches from his eager little
nose. “Take a good look”, I said. “You can touch.” He
hesitantly brought his hands up and ran his fingers
slowly over the outside of my labia. “Open it”
I instructed, and he did so, spreading my lips open
gently with two fingers. “Does that smell good?” “I-I-
I don’t know” he said, “it smells kind of good I guess.”
“Those are the outer lips of my
vagina, they are
labia”, I said. “Now look toward the very top,
do you see a small round bump?” “Yes, Mommy Rebecca”,
he said. “This is called my clitoris. It is the center
of sexual pleasure for women. Rub it with your finger.”
He did, slowly petting it. Ooh it felt so good I could
feel myself getting very wet until some juice began
running down my thigh. “Now David, stick out your
index finger. I want you to slide that inside of me.”
He did, and I thought I was going to explode! It felt
so good. I told him to pump it in and out, and when he
did that I came hard…all over his inexperienced hand
and face. I’m a squirter and I think I must have
traumatized that boy because he was definatly covered
in my juices, even some in his hair. I would have
loved to see him explain that to his mom and dad. “Now
clean up your fingers, lick them clean!” I told him.
He did. “Do you like licking up teacher’s juice
naughty boy?” “Yes Ms

He had done a good job and I was feeling rather kind,
so I decided to give David a reward. “You have done
very well, David. Just like a big boy. So for being so
good, I’m going to give you a reward. Would you like
that?” “Yes Mommy Rebecca” I knelt in front of him,
and took that little penis of his in my hand. My what
a hard little dick you have. I stroked it up and down.
“Has anyone ever touched you here before David?” “No”,
he gasped. I slid it into my mouth and began to milk
him with my mouth. Boy, he sure was moaning. He placed
his hand on my head as I bobbed up and down and rubbed
his little balls. Soon David was was bucking his hips
and moaning just like a real man. He shot a big gooey load
into my mouth, and I opened it and stuck my tongue out
so he could see what cum looks like, then swallowed.
“That” I said, is how big boys have fun. “Now get

stood up and composed himself, wiped
his face a
little. No sooner had he gotten his belt buckled, there
came a knock on my classroom door. It was David’s
mommy. “I heard David had some problems today Ms.
Rebecca” she said. “He was having some real acting out
problems today Mrs. Smith,” I said, “but I think I’ve
shown him what’s what. I dont expect him to be any more
trouble in class.” She thanked me and got him together
and they left. As David was walking out the door, I
noticed he still had some of my juice in his hair.
“See you tommorrow, David. Are you going to be a good boy
now? ” Yes Ms. Rebecca” he said as the door closed
behind him, and I could only smile as I heard his mother say,
“I’m sure you don’t want to spend every day after school like this!”

By Rebecca

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