November 28, 2015
The image shows a Teal Preetty Kitty plush toy that appears to be a soft stuffed toy.
Snuggle Weather
November 29, 2015

Happy Turkey Day all my AB/DLs!

turkey5Turkey Gobbler he will say – Gobble Gobble Gobble it’s Thanksgiving Day!

That was a little sing song my aunt would repeat every holiday. My family and I would make the long, 12 hour car ride down south, packed in a car, with a cooler full of baloney and butter sandwiches…. It was actually on one of those long trips that *I* was potty trained. But that’s a story for another day!

Oh those sweet and wonderful things we remember from our childhood – those things we love to play pretend now as adult babies and diaper lovers, loving the warm comfort of a loving (or strict!) mommy.

I think that’s part of why our adorable Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers really love and crave being with their mommies – even when you are naughty, we still love you. Just remember, we know what is best for you!


~Nanny Ella~

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