This picture shows a pair of Christmas shoes, which look cute.
Nanny Ellas Favorite Things (including AB/DLs!) – Part 1
December 5, 2015
A Sexy Girl is standing in the background for the photoshoot, wearing black lingerie drees.
Feminized By Mommy
December 6, 2015

crissy 5

Hi there extreme fetish phone sex lovers! My name is Crissy and they don’t call me the queen of extreme fantasies for nothing. I don’t care how dirty, raunchy, or twisted you think your fantasy is because nothing surprises me anymore. I’ve seen it all and done it aIl and I’m always up for something new, wild and crazy. Maybe you’re one of the ones who need a mommy? Or maybe you’re just a cuckold looking to talk about why your wife brings home other men to fuck her in your bedroom. Or you could be a panty wearing sissy and try on a pair or two for me? There are just so many possibilites when it comes to the fetish world. So sit on back and rest from your responsibilites by indulging in the ultimate fantasy. With no taboo phone sex everything is possible!


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