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February 22, 2008
Me and my daddy
February 23, 2008
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Next Door Neighbor

Today is the day that i will show that little brat next door a thing or too.I have been watching him out my window for a long time now .For weeks now he has been cutting his lights out and using only a night light so no one can’t see him.But i can as my window is strait across from his room.He thinks his dirty little secret is safe that no one knows what he is really up to when he is all alone in his room.But i know everything about him now.But what he doesn’t know is all the pleasure he has given to me.
I just saw him going out side wonder what i need to do to get him to come inside my house.Hum i will go put on my daisy dukes my tube top and my kick ass high heels,that should get his attention.Don’t go away little Johnny ,Joan will be right back ,laughing to herself.Just wait till he sees me in these.
Hi Johnny ,can you come here for a minute?What do i want you ask,i want your help with something.Well just come inside and i will tell you I don’t want the whole neighbor hood to know my business.Johnny that is so sweet of you to come over here to help me. I need you to help me hang up my bedroom curtains.I took them down to clean them and now i can’t put them back up by myself.You take that side and i will take this side.Johnny are you looking at my big old breast? You naughty boy *giggling* do you like what you see?Yes miss Joan i do he said.I bet you wish you had a pair just like the twins here wouldn’t you.What do you mean no your a boy?Thats not what i think when i see you in your room i think you want some boobs just like mine.Now Johnny don’t lie to miss Joan she has see you with your fake boobs and your wig dressing up in your sisters panties and dress.From now on you will be my little sissy boy want you.Johnny don”t tell miss Joan no.you don’t want me to tell you mom and dad what you do in your room at night after everyone is in bed asleep,do you? Good i think you will make me a great little sissy boy,and you will do everything i tell you to do, right? I am glad we have an understanding now.From now on you will do everything i tell you to do,starting with never telling anyone about what you and i do.
to be continued

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