Special Night with Mommy
December 18, 2007
Plastic Panty craze
December 19, 2007
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Naughty Nanny Ella Diapers You

Hello little ones! Nanny wants to invite you to a special christmas party in my abdl nursery. Nanny loves playing all kinds of special games with abies and taking care of all my abies’ needs. When it’s time for your diaper change, Nanny has a special surprise for you! Nanny has all kinds of diapers for you to choose from. Do you like cloth or disposable, baby? do you like them thin and easy to soak through, or do you like them thick and absorbent? Nanny has all kinds of plastic pants for you to choose from too. Any colour, and lacy rhumba panties too! For all the abies that have been good all year long, call Nanny and we’ll do it just the way you like!
Nanny Ella

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