A Must Have….
September 8, 2010
sleeping angels
September 10, 2010


Well hello there sweet pee I’m Nanny Stella and your Mommy hired me to watch you while she’s out shopping. Don’t worry angel your Mommy told me how you like to be diapered, and just how much powder you like on your bottom. Your Mommy even told me how you like to be rubbed down there until you make a big squirty in your diaper for your Mommy. Nanny Stella has many years of practice with my own kids and my breasts are still lactating because my boys still like to nurse every now and then. So as you can see I’m a Mommy turned Nanny, and I can give you all the tender loving care you need when your Mommy is not here. So crawl up in my lap and snuggle up close. There, now isn’t that better? Is baby hungry……
Mommy Stella
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