Story time
November 6, 2010
Don't knock it to ya try it!
November 6, 2010


Like my necklace? Isn’t it pretty? It’s very special. Do you know what I like to keep in my special necklace? Something that a dear friend of mine supplies me with. My dear friend you ask? Oh well now, her name is Momma Katanya, and she is a Voodoo Priestess down in New Orleans. And what, pray tell, are the contents of my special necklace used for? Why to keep little ones like yourselves perfectly still, yet completely alert as to what is happening to them, naturally. You see, I prefer my victims, I mean my new little ones, to be compliant yet very much aware of what is happening to them as I, well, to be perfectly honest, do what ever I choose to do and acclimate them into their new world of my design!



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