Nanny's First Diaper Change
February 12, 2008
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February 13, 2008
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my secret

Boy, life as a college girl who does abdl phonesex
and is an adult baby in real life can sure make things
interesting. Many times in ways I would never expect.
I had been dating this boy for a while, but I felt
like I was keeping a big secret from him. When it
looked like things might get serious i finally told
him that I was into infantilism, that wet diapers made
me hot, That I wanted him to be my daddy, etc. I was
so scared because I knew he would reject me- but I was
wrong! The more I told him, the hotter he got. After I
laid it all out on the table we ended up going back to
his place where we had the hottest infant regression
session of my life followed by hours of steamy sex. I
felt so loved!

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