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February 3, 2008
Whats a mommy to do
February 6, 2008
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My room

I wanna tell you all about my room. My mommy and I just painted it and added some new things to it. It has light purple walls. And my bed has a canopy of sorts. It has a bunch of gauzy curtains, pink, purple, yellow and white with sparkles. I got a new dresser set. It is beautiful oak with a fancy mirror. I fell like a princess in my new room. It will be a perfect place to bring my sissies too. They are just gonna love it. I also got a new vanity table. I can sit my sissy down for a makeup lesson and to do her hair. We can paint each others toe nails. And for my baby sissies, they will love looking at all the pretty colors and the sparkly curtains while I change their diapers. I can’t wait to play.

Little Janey

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