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February 21, 2008
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February 22, 2008
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~~~~~~~My grannys secret potion part deux~~~~~~~~

I got Sebastian home quickly. The whole time in the car he was whining and complaining. I got him into the house and set him down in the carrier on the floor, looked down at him and smiled. He looked up at me with a vey grumpy little face and said “Your crazy, how do you think you will get away with this? The first person I see, I am going to tell them what you have done. You made a mistake in allowing me to keep my voice”. I smirked down at him, “Oh you think so? what do you think will happen to you when you tell? Whomever it is, is not going to believe their eyes. And once it gets out that you are a grown man who was regressed back to a baby, people are going to want to know how this was possible. You, my dear sweet little one, will end up as a lab guinea pig somewhere” I finished with a chuckle. He must not have considered that because his face fell as I said it.
I turned on the lights in the apartment. I came back and lifted him out of the carrier and took him into his new room. “Now I haven’t had the chance to paint yet, but don’t worry I’ll have this room done up in no time” I said. He looked around in disbelief. There was a white crib with pink and white linens. I had put up some lacy white curtains earlier that day. He looked up at me, suprise written all over his face. There was also a changing table and a rocking chair in the corner. “This is going to be your nursery” I informed him. “Yeah, I got that much, but why is everything pink and white lacy?” he asked, still not quite believing what he was seeing. “Well Sebastian, as of today you are no longer Sebatian honey. You are going to be my baby girl, Elanor.” I said happily. “NO WAY, now this has gone far enough Lacy!” he shouted. “Tsk, tsk elanor, you shouldn’t yell at mommy like that. Now this is your warning young lady one more outburst-” at this he cut me off and yelled “one more outburst? I think I have a right to alot more than one. You have completely lost your damn mind Lacy. I am not a girl and I am not gonna be your baby. I don’t know what in the hell has gotten into you but this has gone too far. Yes ok I cheated but do i really deserve all this?”. I can’t believe he has the nerve to yell at me! I sat down on the rocking chair, put him on my lap and started to open up the diaper i put him in at the office beofre we left. “What are you doing Lacy?” he asked, now a litle more than worried. I flipped him over on his belly across my lap and paddled his rear end good. He yelled and screamed for me to stop. I sat him up on my lap so I could look into his face. I wiped his tears away and said. “Now you look here, I normally would never spank a baby your size. But you are not a normal baby. And I am NOT going to tolerate you speaking to mommy in such a tone.” He looked at me angrily “I am not your baby” I laughed “Oh but you are, whether or not you want to accept it honey you are now. And the faster you calm done and get into your role as my babygirl, the easier it will be for you”. He pouted a bit “There is just no reasoning with you is there.” I didn’t feel like arguing with him any longer.
I took her over to the changing table and laid her down. I put her into a new diaper and got her dressed for bed. I think she knew it was no use arguing anymore tonight.

…stay tuned for part 3
Your fantasy come true, Lacy

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