sissy skirt play time with Crissy
April 29, 2013
Strict, NOT Mean AB Mommy
May 2, 2013
Mommy will make it all better

Mommy will make it all better

Mommy’s ABy is fussy today! I’ve bathed you, given you a fresh crinkly diapey, rocked you, and nothing seems to soothe you. You won’t take your pacifier and you’ve thrown your bottle down everytime I offer it.

Does ABy want Mommy’s milk? Does Aby need to suckle on Mommy’s full, warm titties?

You take me into your mouth with a contented sigh. With your eyes closed, you snuggle closer, nursing loudly and happily. What a greedy ABy you are!
It makes Mommy feel so good to have you pressed against me, skin to skin. The gentle pull of your mouth on my nipple makes Mommy’s special place tingle and grow warm.

Mommy has lots of special ways to make sure her ABy is happy.



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