Don't Ever Ask A Centipede
May 23, 2010
Scary Monsters
May 23, 2010


Okay so my brother has a very tiny penis. He tries and stuffs his underwear when my girlfriends come over. But I can be quit cruel and call him out on this. So the other day when my BFF came over (he has the biggest crush on her) I noticed how incredibly large he was looking *giggles* So I decided it was time to play a game. I whispered to him that Ashley was a diaper lover, he got so excited I think he wet himself and that she really wanted to put him in a diaper. So he eagerly agreed, he ran and got his diapers (he totally forgot about the sock) and rushed back to my room and hopped on the bed. Ashley and I maintained our composure and began to take his pants off. And OMG there it was as we pulled down his underwear two socks stuffed into each other bulging out. It fell out as soon as Ashley pulled down his pants. He looked up at her incomplete shock. She giggled quietly and assured him it was okay. He started to calm down as she slid the diaper underneath him then I took out the magnifying glass and held it to his Manhood, we both took turns examining it closely and laughing our little booties off. Poor Christopher was mortified! I never seen a face turn so red in all my life, he grabbed up his pants and ran butt naked out of our room! I’m not sure if he’ll ever come out of his room again!


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