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January 17, 2008
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January 21, 2008
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Mommy's joy

One of the the things I love about being a phone
mommy is that I get to meet meet new people all the
time, and also cultivate the relationships I already
have. This has certainly been a week for that! I
always try my best to be attentive and loving, because
I know my babies need to be cared for and nurtured. I
also know they need to be able to express this side of
themselves without being judged or looked down upon. All
I can tell you is I really do feel all warm inside and
full of joy when I can tend to the needs of my little babies.
I love being teacher/ mommy so much…
I must admit, this week I was so turned on that even out
doing normal errands I was getting distracted, wishing
I was back home spreading my love and sharing time with my special little ones.
Well I hope all of you have had a fulfilling week
like I did. Talk to you soon, bye bye! Love- Mommy Rebecca

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