Back in diapers you go sissybaby
June 28, 2013
ABDL Nursery Remodel
July 1, 2013
All dressed up for the world to see!

All dressed up for the world to see!

Remember yesterday, when I gave you one simple assignment? Well, your deadline is here, and it seems you couldn’t accomplish the one little task that Mommy assigned you.

Mommy’s instructions were very clear. All you had to do was dress up as pretty as possible, and take a picture of yourself holding a sign that said “Mommy Sara Madison owns me”. I told you that the pictures were to be very clear so that I could see your blushing sissy face. You were warned that if I did not receive the photos in my email, by noon today, or they were taken in a way that did not please me, I would post another photo of you online, for the world to see. Did you forget about the photos I have off the cam, and the release that you signed?

Well, here it is, noon, and Mommy has yet to receive your photos. You’ll see two things about Mommy today: 1. I follow through with what I say I’ll do and expect the same from you, and 2. I do own you, and control you.

Such a simple assignment, and yet you can’t complete it? You panic and swear you don’t want to be outed, but I think you do. I think you want Mommy to plaster your face all over the internet. Deep inside, you want everyone to see you in your little frilly dresses, with your paci and your diaper, prancing like the sissy you are. Stop denying it, and embrace the fact that you are just a sissy boi at heart, and are dying for the world to find out your little secret.

You’ve failed your task, and Mommy is not pleased.

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