You Big Sissy
December 4, 2015
This picture shows a pair of Christmas shoes, which look cute.
Nanny Ellas Favorite Things (including AB/DLs!) – Part 1
December 5, 2015

Mommy tells you that she has a surprise. There’s something she’s holding behind her back, just out of sight. Can you guess what it might be? It’s nothing naughty or kinky.  She has a big smile and is so eager to show you what she picked up special for you.


It’s a dolly! Oh no! You try to smile, not wanting to disappoint your excited mommy.

“What do you think? Isn’t it just beautiful? What will you name her?”

You stumble over your words. She’s really pretty, mommy. Umm.. I guess I’ll name her.. Molly?

“Molly the doll! You’re so clever! Come on, let’s go play. Mommy has dollies too.”

You can’t play with dolls! You’re a boy. You want to cry out, but mommy is already pulling a Barbie doll out of a drawer. You can’t disappoint her and… well, Molly does have silky hair and her dress is really frilly..

Mommy and you play for a while. You like it, once you stop feeling silly talking in a high-picture, feminine voice. Mommy asks if you would like pretty clothes so that she can dress you up like a doll. You smile. Sissification is waiting for you.

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