November 7, 2012
Breasts and thighs abie’s toys
November 12, 2012

The ultimate in phone fetish conversation. Have you been dreaming of what it would be like to be back in mommy’s arms?
Maybe you need mommy to lay down the law with a bit of good ol fashioned discipline? Whatever type of Mommy Fantasy you
have, I can make all your role play desires come true. There is nothing you cannot share with me. I am a no taboo kind of
mommy who loves to indulge in many types of fantasy play. I am well versed in all fetishes and have been a part of many
fantasy role plays. I enjoy every single one. After all variety truly is the spice of life. So many of you smart little
ABies come up with the best role play ideas and mommy has a few of her own too. We can explore the world of fantasy role play and come up with something of our very own to share.
~Mommy Josie



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