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February 22, 2008
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February 23, 2008
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Me and my daddy

    I came straight home from work. I knew he would be patiently waiting for me. This was a very specail night for us. We had been talking about this for the past few weeks, we had everything all planned out. We discussed it many times, making sure this is what both of us really wanted. I was very excited.

   He is ten years older than me. My famil was not too thrilled when we first started dating, but we had been together for 2 years now and they saw how good he treats me and have come to accept him.

    He was the one who had found the first website. He has always called me his babygirl because of our age difference. And sometimes I even call him daddy. But we never actually thought about anything like that until he found that infantilism website.

    There were cute girls in diapers, wearing bibs, sucking bottles and pacifiers. There was even some wearing the cutest baby dresses. He looked over at me and asked me what I thought. I had to admit that it was interesting. I have always loved how protective he is of me. The thought of him playing the role of my daddy…

     Over the next few days we looked at several more websites, some like the first, some very different. They all covered different aspects of the adult baby fetish and lifestyle. We looked through as many as we could find and talked about what we would like to include if we really decided to go through with this.

     We went out and bought diapers, bottles, paci,  and a bunch of other stuff. We even ordered some stuff off the internet. I was getting more and more excited and tonight was the night. I opened the door and daddy was sitting on the couch. He rushed over and gave me a big kiss. The last one as a “big girl” he said.

     He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. He undressed me and laid me down on the bed. He spoke very softly and sweetly to me “are you ready for daddy to put your diaper on that sweet lil bottom”. I looked up at him “yes daddy”. He slid the diaper under me and pulled out the powder. The powder felt so nice. When he was done I gave him a big hug “Thank you daddy, I love you”.

    “Now, you know that the rest of this weekend you are the baby here and I am the daddy. That means until Monday morning you are going to be doing everything as a baby and babys do not walk, they crawl.” I got down off the bed and crawled behind my daddy.

    When we reached the other room, he instructed me to sit in the floor with mt legs spread wide and he wanted me to pee my diaper. I was not ready to go yet so daddy made me a bottle and loving fed it to me while I laid in his lap. Looking up into his eyes, I could see all his love and concern for me. I felt very safe in his arms. I felt as if I never had to worry about another thing as long as I lived. Not so long as my dady was here.

    After my bottle, he had a suprise for me. He had a woodshop out back where he made a tray to fit into one of the kitchen chairs. It was my very own high chair, made with my daddys loving hands. I crawled up into it. He brought over a jar of babyfood, he said he added something special to it. He put on my bib and fed me with my baby spoon.

    After my meal, I sat on the floor playing with my toys. My tummy started to grumble. Sonn I knew that I was going to make a big mess in my diaper. I looked at my daddy in alarm, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go this far, to actually mess my diaper. My daddy knew what was going through my mind, he laughed softly “it’s ok little girl, just let go, daddy is here to take care of you and we will get you all cleaned up when you are done.” I felt quite embarrassed as I sat there, my face getting red. My stomach started cramping and just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I made a huge mess in diaper. Pooping and peeing at the same time.

   As I sat there in my messy diaper, I started to cry from embarrassment. My daddy came over and put his arms around me “it’s ok, this is what babys do and this is what daddys do…” at that he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down on the changing pad on the bed and opend up my diaper, cleaning up the mess with some wipes. Then he carried me in and gave me a nice warm bath.

    After my bath, he diapered me, put me in my pajamas, and then brushed my hair. It felt so nice to completely surrender to him. I cannot remember the last time I felt so free, no worries, so safe. My daddy read me a bedtime story he had found online about another AB girl. Then he curled up next to me and allowed me to talk to him a s a big girl for a bit before we went to bed. We talked about how I felt and if this is something I wanted to continue. I had to admit, I had a few reservations still, but I also loved it. I wanted to give it more time.

So with my daddy curled up next to me, in my diapers and pj’s feeling safe and warm I went to sleep. And during the night, somehwere between all my dreams, something clicked in my mind. And I knew, this is how it should be and this is what I wanted more than anything.

Little Janey

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