Shower Time
January 17, 2010
January 21, 2010


Ok to all my little ones I know that with January almost at an end….are you wondering if you will make it through the remainder of the winter…well I have some great ideas of what we can do to pass time….was standing in the nursery wandering what I could do to entertain all my little ones but also make sure that they obey all the rules that come with coming over for a visit….so I spent some time writing down all the rules of the house and wow the list got mighty long….some are very simple but some you will obey or else there are consequences to not obeying me…those are also written down and will be explained in great detail when you do stop by for a visit or two….so be prepared when you do come over for a visit….found a new paddle the other day which I don’t want to have to use on any of you….or do I…hehehe…so you better behave or else suffer the rapture of me…..Rachel

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