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January 16, 2008
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January 17, 2008
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I've got a secret

Hee hee, what a fun time I had this week! It seems like the longer I am involved on the world of adult babies the more I feel like a baby even when I’m not playing. I go to college and this week I wore my diapers to class underneath my clothes. Once, when I was in the student union eating lunch with my friends, i peed in them. I got really excited just knowing that they had no idea about this whole other side of my life. When I finally got home I wanted so bad to talk to one of my baby friends on the phone so I could work off some energy *wink* I feel like I want to explore more and more aspects of life as an adult baby, do you have any suggestions for me? Call me and we can explore together wouldn’t that totally be fun?

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