Pretty Nails
July 17, 2010
July 18, 2010

forced bi

…yes my dear, part of your sissy training is learning how to be with a man – how to please him, how to touch him, how to react to his touch. Now don’t worry, I’ll be there to guide you through the whole process. I’ll be instructing you how to use your mouth, your sissy hole, your hands, to pleasure whom ever I bring to you, when ever I bring them to you. You will be instructed how to be the perfect little girl, to do as you are told without question, to dress in a pleasing and seductive way, and to actually offer yourself to others for their pleasure. It may be difficult for you at times, and this may lead to punishments…severe punishments…but through the tears and cries, you will come to realize that the instructions you receive are for your own good…

Now, she we begin?

Mommy Maggy


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