April 25, 2010
Sweet little ones….
April 28, 2010


I like being a Woman. Why?
I can cry.
I can hug.
I can talk to friends
I can be soft.
I can be strong.
I can wear my heart on my sleeve.
I can smell pretty.
I can sweat.
I can take joy in the feel of cashmere.
I can romp around in jeans.
I can cook.
I can not feel like cooking.
I can get teary eyed over a movie.
I can defend what is right.
I can help others.
I can offer a hand to a child.
I can wear my hair up.
I can let it flow loosely in the wind.
I can wear long flowing skirts in the summer.
I can walk barefoot in the grass.
I can paint my nails lovely colors.
I can use my hands to fix and mend.
I can take pleasure in the richness of lipstick.
I can know who I am without lipstick.
I can be insecure.
I can be most confident.
I can revel in a bubble bath.
I can check my own oil.
I can take pleasure in feeling feminine.
I can take pleasure in feeling masculine.
I can exercise my right to vote.
I can stand up and make a difference.
I can create-
a poem, a book, a song….
and LIFE.

© Ellen M. DuBois


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