Adult Baby Tee Shirts: Thoughtful Gift or Diabolical Punishment?
December 7, 2012
Stinky Bells!
December 9, 2012

abdl phone sexHow naughty have you been? Looks like Santa here was VERY naughty. Is that what mommy needs to do to you AB boy? Restraints are reserved for very bad AB boys and girls. And the paddle? No, I think you may need the flogger instead or maybe the reformatory strap. some little ABies just need a bit more discipline than the rest and this Mommy is not afraid to keep you in line.

Mommy has an array of punishments. From corporal to humiliation, what works best for you? I even have a locking crib for extra bad ABies. I think Mommy will have to bring out a few ideas and see what will work best for keeping you on Santa’s nice list.

Call now and confess to Mommy what makes you so naughty and Mommy will dole out the proper punishment.

Mommy Josie



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