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January 30, 2008
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January 31, 2008
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Home early

I got off work early and decided to head straight home and suprise my boyfriend. Steve and I have been dating for more than a year now but we just moved in together two weeks ago. I stopped off and picked up some lunch. I pulled into the driveway of our new home and happily jumped out of the car and hurried up the walk. I opened the door and headed for the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks upon entering the kitchen. Our lunch went crashing to the floor. My mouth dropped open and I was speechless. Their was Steve, in a large high chair. He had a bib around his neck and baby food all over his face. He slid the tray to the high chair off and it went crashing to the floor. I stormed out of the room. He ran after me and caught up to me in the bedroom. I turned around to now see him standing in front of me in a diaper and booties. He was using a dish towel to wipe off the baby food. I didn’t know what to say. What in the heck was going on here. He said he could explain everything. I couldn’t believe it as he sat me down and told me all about infantilism. How he enjoyed being an adult baby and wearing diapers and being cared for. I was so upset. I don’t know if I was more upset about this odd fetish or the fact that he hid something of this magnitude for so long. I had to get out of there. I left without saying much. The look on his face as I went out the door broke my heart. But I had to get away, to think, to clear my head. I went to my best friends house. Beth was home when I came crashing through her front door in tears. She sat me down and made me a stiff drink to help calm me. When I finally calmed down enough to talk, I told her what had happened. She started to laugh and I yelled at here, told her it was not funny at all. I said “how can you laugh at the fact that my boyfriend is a freak”! At this she got very serious, she said “honey, he is not a freak, here let me try to help you understand”. She then began to tell me about Ted, her first husband, who she is still very good friends with. Apparently he was an adult baby too. And Beth had been his mommy up until the divorce and she still sometimes babied him. She began to explain the best she could about this very misunderstood fetish. She even called up Ted to come over and talk to me about it. It was very late that night when I got home. Steve was waiting for me in the living room, a distraught look on his face. He jumped up when I came in. He startes telling me that he would give it all up to make me happy. Throw out all his baby things and be a ‘regular’ guy. But I could see the hurt in his eyes. I smiled at him gently. Took his face in my hands. “Now why would I want my sweet baby boy to do such a thing” I said. He was bewildered at my change of heart. I took him into the bedroom and as I got him undressed and slipped him into a diaper, I told him all about my long chat with Beth and Ted. And that I although I don’t totally understand it all right now, I had to admit that I am a bit intrigued and willing to give being his mommy a try.

~By: Mommy Josie

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