Pretty in Pink
January 31, 2010
Riding Cowgirl
February 3, 2010


Wow I love this photo….it is very direct and tells you exactly what you need to do….so get that diaper bag over there for me and allow me to get you prepared…..yes that is what I said….go do it now or else….good boy….now undress and lay down so I can put this nice clean diaper on you….oh you look oh so cute there….nanny loves to take care of all her little ones and make sure that they are kept in line….so remember that all little ones should be in a diaper and taken care of by a nice but strict nanny… don’t misbehave or you might have to see that evil side of nanny now….and we sure don’t want that to happen do we…..oh nanny loves all her little boys and girls….be good now…..Rachel


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