Adult Babie of Yester Years
April 11, 2012
Dirty Panty Lover
April 15, 2012

Mommy Crissy had so much fun the other day with my diaperslave.

Carl loves to please his dommy mommy
We went to the playground so I could show him off to all my sexy friends.
I led him on a leash and collar while he walked a bit behind my 4 hot friends and I who are also dommy mommy’s.

See how pretty my diaper slave is I said look at how dainty he walks?

Carl was so excited we could see the hard on poking into his diaper from where we walked.
Carl was all dressed up for the occassion he had on a thick diaper and a pink fluffy skirt and black corset with a pink wig and full makeup of a sweet and sassy sissy.

When my friends and I got to the playground it was so dark out we decided to go have a bit of fun with Carl on the swings.

Carl mistress needs you to sit on this swing.
Yes mistress Carl replied.
Now my four friends and I took turns playing with Carl by pulling his diaper down and stroking his big cock but never finishing him off.

“You like being our plaything don’t you Carl”? I asked
and Carl said “Yes oh I certainly do mistress.”

That is when I pulled my friend Jada’s skirt and began giving her head as carl watched with sex infused saliva running from the corner of his mouth.

After I was finished Jada ripped my shirt open and suckled my nipples.
“May I join you Mistress’s”? Carl asked
“Oh yes You may Carl come to us and please us both at the same time.”

If you would like to please Mommy Crissy give me a ring @ 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402
I offer text sessions if you are not a phone fan.
Yim :phonemommycrissy

I can watch you on cam during a session

XXXxSexy Miss CrissyxXXX

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