January 10, 2010
Locked in Chastity
January 14, 2010


Now that I have your attention…I love to play dress up and make you my little sissy…now lets go up to my special room….don’t be afraid I will be gentle….as I slowly open the door I see the fear in your eyes…oh no you exclaimed there is no way I will wear that…oh yes you will…then I undress you and start to try on one of the many outfits that I have set out…you start to blush because your enjoying this special one on one time with me…then there is a knock on the door and you say don’t answer it….my grilfreinds come in…your blushing now aren’t you…don’t let them see me you exclaim…and I tell you they also like to dress up little sissy boys…then they join us in the room and exclaim what a delight it is to have a nice sissy who loves to play with us…we have created our perfect little sissy boy…now it is time to take him out and show him off….oh what fun we will have…..Rachel


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