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February 9, 2011
Oh mommy…..
February 12, 2011


Do you catch yourself staring at panties every chance you get? I’ll bet you like the way they make your clitty throb don’t you sissy boy? Maybe it’s time to get you into some panties of your very own. So first I’m going to strip you out of the clothes that say man and put you in clothes that say dominated sissy boy. A short baby doll dress and pink satin panties to start with. Sissy bitch, you better keep those panties dry! If you don’t I’ll change my mind and get you diapers to tinkle in. Are you the sort of sissy who has a zero chance of keeping the panties dry? Then you might as well be one of my diapered sissies. Call me for diapered sissy phonesex today and get in touch with your inner diaper sissy.


Miss Scarlet


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