Bratty Teen Cali
September 10, 2012
Spanking Time
September 10, 2012

This is the tale of diapered sissy & pantie boy. diapered sissy was a very funny looking little sissy he had pink diapers

with sparkly stickers all over his diapers he had such a lisp but was a very sweet sissy. Always did just what I want him to.

One day I brought him a pink party dress and he got so excited his little bitty pee pee nearly popped out of his pink diaper.

I slipped it over his head it looked so pretty on him.

“Oh mommy I love it”,he said it is so pretty and I like to be pretty for you I do very much. I said “I know you and I have an idea for a game would u like that”?  “yes he said I would like it very much playing a game with you.”

With that I brought my pantieboy from the other side of the house and sat him down in his pretty frilly pink panties.

“Ok,sissy you need to get down there and be a good little sissy and take pantieboy’s big peepee and pop in your mouth.

That is good make sure it is all in there. pantieboy was so turned on. I just knew these two would stay friends.



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