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January 21, 2013
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January 26, 2013
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Diaper Discipline

I may come off as a nice sweet abdl phone sex Mommy, but truth be told I can be a strict disciplinarian and a no nonsense mommy, especially with my adult babies Your Mommy will nurture you and make sure you’re well groomed and diapered and fed, but only if you don’t fuss and do what mommy says. One of my abys tries to fuss when I try and changed his diaper. I told him..  No problem if you hate having your diaper changed so much I’ll just stop changing them. There now wouldn’t that be easier for the both of us? You don’t want your diaper changed and its no picnic for mommy to wipe up your dirty bottom so keeping you in your messy diaper solves everything! I made him sit in his diaper for the rest of the night and you best believe he didn’t make a fuss again when its time to change his adult baby phone sex diaper.



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