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December 13, 2007
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December 13, 2007
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Diaper Dare


It is pretty well known that I started wearing diapers on a dare. But not many of you know exactly how it happened. So I thought it was time to share. So the story starts with my friend, we shall call her Jane (I’m not sure she would want me to use her real name). Here’s a little background on Jane. Jane wet the bed til she was 14, so her mother kept her in diapers at night. Around the age of 12 Jane started to explore masturbation. And of course the only time she could be alone to do this was at night in her diaper. So the diaper became a very sexual thing for her. She hid this from most of the guys she dated til she met “the one”. He is a very nice guy and open to trying new things and loves Jane very much. So she was able to share her fetish with him and in the years since they have been married he has now started wearing himself. So that is the story of Jane, now on to my story.

When I met Jane in college we became fast friends, as we are alot alike. Like her husband, I too am very open. I am also very non-judgemental. So Jane felt comfortable sharing her secret diaper wearing with me. I had never been exposed to anything like this before. But I had been exposed to alot of other things people would consider ‘weird’ and took part in alot of ‘weird’ things so I didn’t knock her. I did, however, tease her. We teased each other mercilessly all the time. It was all in good fun, and out of love. It’s how we have always been with each other. So it was never in a mean way. So one night Jane decided to get me back.

Jane had just bought a new house with her new husband, you know, “the one”. So I came over to help her unpack. We decided to have a few beers, which turned into many. I opened a box and there were her diapers, along with her vibrator and a few other ‘toys’. So I grabbed a diaper and the pocket rocket and was doing a song and dance or something stupid I always did when teasing her. Suddenly she got all quiet and got this very odd smile on her face. So I stopped making an ass of myself and raised my eyebrow. “I know that look, what are you up to” I say. She grabs a diaper and and says “why don’t you try one”. At the look on my face she starts telling me how it’s so easy for me to laugh and poke fun but she didn’t want to hear anymore from me til I put one on and wore it. Really wore it, for like a whole night. I chuckled at her, she stared me down “I dare you”.

So she dared me huh. Ok so whats the big deal. I’d wear one for the night. I’m just here with my two best friends and really I didn’t think it was all that big a deal anyways. So I put it on and ran around the house in it being silly and stuff. We sat down and watched a movie. Then when we were going to bed she told me I had to keep it on til morning or I lose the right to tease her. Well I wasn’t giving that fun up. So I did it. And it was alot more comfortable than I expected.

When I awoke the next morning, I had the worst hangover headache. So I stayed in bed for awhile, diapered. And I kind of liked how it felt. The feel of the diaper against me was getting me turned on and I actually ended up masterbating. I got up to get dressed and showered. Putting on my panties actually felt a little weird. I blew it off, went on with the day. When I got home that night I showered againand got ready for bed. When I slipped under the covers I started thinking of that morning and how it felt to wake up in a diaper. I had to admit that I could kind of see why she liked it. But that just wasn’t me. I clicked off the light and went to sleep.

Over the coming days I found myself thinking of diapers more and more. I saw an ad one day in the sunday paper for adult diapers. Attached to it was a form to fill out for a free sample diaper. Without even thinking I filled it out and sent it in. But before it came I found myself really wanting to wear one again. I considered asking Jane but I just couldn’t, not after all the teasing I gave her. So I ended up buying some. And for along time I wore them in secret til one day I sat Jane down and said “We need to talk”.



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