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March 4, 2008
Let Me Kiss That Boo Boo Baby Boy.
March 9, 2008
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Diaper Bonding

It’s one thing to be an AB mommy, but it is a whole other thing entirely to be a mommy in diapers. I know what it is to have a leak, how it feels to slip into a diaper at the end of a long day, how it feels to have “grown-up” time in my diaper. I enjoy having my abies diaper me too sometimes, and they love to turn the tables. Some of them even like to be a daddy sometimes. I don’t mind being an abie girl for a little while, something I have only just tried recently but found that I did enjoy. Sometimes it is great to have a sexy dl session, both of us in our diapers, together, as adults. There are so many pluses to both of us wearing a diaper and an excellent way to bond with my abie.

            Mommy Josie

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