Playing Dress Up
August 21, 2010
Sissy Boy Jeans
August 22, 2010


As with many people, I seem to have an angel on one shoulder and a demon sitting on the other, with both whispering in my ear what to do. My angel says that I should forgive my little one and let his little indiscretions slide. That I should hold him tight and shower him with kisses and love. My demon on the other hand, is telling me that he needs to be punished – severely. A paddling that leaves his hinny red, raw and welted, then forcing him to stay in a dirty, soiled diaper ‘til an extreme rash has formed, and perhaps a strong enema so speed up the soiled diaper process (and this is just for starters – my demons can be quite imaginative). The question is, which one will win out? Which one will hold sway – my demons or my angels?

Mommy Gina

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