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February 21, 2008
Mean Mommy Lexus can be sweet if you are…
February 21, 2008
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daddys naughty baby

I am usually a sweet baby girl. Doing anything to please my daddy. But sometimes I get a wild hair and I have to just let my naughty side out. really it’s just to get another kind of attention from my daddy. *giggle*
He acts like he’s angry with me, but I can see his eys light up at the thought of giving my cute little bottom a good paddling. He takes me to his bedroom and sits me down on the bed for a short lecturing about whatever it is I have done. Then before I know it he has flipped me over his lap and started spanking me over my diaper and plastic panties. I squirm and put up a fuss on purpose because I know that next he will remove my diaper and redden my bare bottom with his large hand. I squeal, half from the pure delight and pleasure I take in my daddys spankings.
After he spanks me, he keeps me over his knee, my bare bottom exposed to him as he rubs my sore little butt, sometimes applying some powder or even better, nursery jelly to my stinging butt. This is my favorite part, besides the part where he takes me in his arms and explains that he disciplines me because he loves me. Which I never doubted for a second.
Your fantasy, Lacy

Fantasy Lacy

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