A Hot Lady: The was dressed in a red outfit. She's also drinking water.
Sissy Phone Sex
November 14, 2016
In this illustration, one lady is biting the butt of the other.
Shopping Trip Part One
November 19, 2016


phone sex, abdl mommyWhat would a good sissy boy like you do for his favorite abdl Mommy? Would you wear what I want you to wear, do what I tell you to do?  What if I want you to put on the prettiest, frilliest dress in your closet so I can watch you walk around all day long being the cutest little thing ever? I’ll put a bow in your hair, some lacy white socks on your feet, and a pair of shiny Mary Jane patent leather shoes on you to complete the look. I know you would look absolutely adorable like that. Oh, I almost forgot your diaper! I can’t let a little abdl baby like you toddle around without his nappy on, can I? Let’s put on a nice, thick one today, so that you almost waddle with every step you take…and I’ll put you in a pretty pair of panties to go over that diaper of yours. You’ll look perfect! Call me for some abdl phone sex and I would love to talk to you all about it!



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