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October 7, 2015
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October 9, 2015

turkey dinner

Do you know what this Monday is? It is Canadian Thanksgiving. And since mommy Susan is Canadian what better way to spend the day with my little sissy then to have a wonderful turkey dinner.  You will wear your new sissy dress mommy bought for you. The one with the pink bows. And your new wig as well. I love how long and brown it is. My family can’t wait to meet you. I have told everyone about my little tiny cocked sissy. I may even let uncle Marv spend some alone time with you. He has shown such interest in you. He says he wants to experiment with you, I don’t know what that means. I will bring your special high chair and your favorite dollies so you won’t be shy. I want you to wear your special diapers. All good ABDL’s wear special diapers on a holiday. I can’t wait to share my special day with you.


sissy dress


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